The Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA) represents the interests of the European receivables management sector and coordinates the exchange with the institutions of the European Union and the European public.

Together, FENCA’s 23 members represent more than 75 percent of all debt collection agencies and hold 80 percent of the market share in the EU. With well over 100.000 employees, they provide services for more than five million clients.

Founded on 15 January 1993, FENCA is the non profit-making umbrella of National associations and aims to:

  • Protect and take care of the interests of the national member associations; 
  • Promote the development of European legislation within the debt collection industry; 
  • Promote the development within national member associations of the following: 
    - Keep the collected means for clients separated from the company means.
    - Have special insurance for the protection of the clients. 
    - Establish a committee for complaints. 
    - Establish training facilities. 
    - Introduce basic rules and guidelines for contracts and agreements between the agencies and their clients.