Past Congress

2008 Congress, Nice, France

Date: September 25 - September 28 2008
Location: Nice, France
Venue: Not listed

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Africa - The Final Frontier
Stephen Mills
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How to motivate your staff
Harry Strausser III
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1st European - Latin American Collection Companies Meeting
Pablo Salamone, Pierre Haincourt
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Share your best ideas
Jay E. Gonsalves
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EU Law
Stefan Zickgraf
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U.S. Commercial Collections Practices and Trends
Richard Brownlee, Tom Hamilton, Bill Mann
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Collection in The Middle East Yesterday and Today
Ebrahim Jawad
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What creditors wish to get from a collection company
Jean-Didier Clémençon
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Mature collection market and the role of an association
Kurt Obermaier
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India debt collection business
Kaviraj Singh
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Latin American explosion of credit and collection industry
Pablo Salamone
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Debt collection in China - The Rising Dragon
Paulson Lum
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Debt collection by the numbers sizing up the industry and its impact
Gary Rippentrop
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