• Discover Bulgaria
    "Know your motherland, to love it!" This statement belonging to Aleko Konstantinov - a Bulgarian writer, public figure and traveler, who has gained for himself the appellation “the happy man” – proves to be a challenge for the people of this land. Bulgaria is small in size but is also an ancient country with very diverse nature.

    From antiquity to our days
    Every epoch since the establishment of the state in the 7th century has left a great heritage. Here you can see remains from the cultures of the Thracian tribes, ancient Greeks, Celts, Goths, Romans, Slavs, Ottomans, the traces of several kingdoms, an authoritarian regime, uprisings and assaults.

    Mountain or sea?
    It is also a challenge for those who love nature. The highest summit in the Balkans, 39 mountains, 354 km of colorful coastline, over 700 species of animals and thousands of plant species. Behind this statistic is hidden the most important figure - hundreds of breathtaking views.

    Food and culture.
    The customs of the Balkans remind you of the local cuisine - you will remember them, they will fascinate you, you will not find them elsewhere, they may even move you to tears.

    Only here you can:

    • Try some of the best wines in the world while watching the sunset from the porch of an old house from the time of the Bulgarian national revival.
    • Watch the fire-dancers stepping on live coals
    • Welcome the sunrise on the rocks against which the waves of the black Sea are breaking
    • Ride the wild horses of the Rhodope Mountains
    • Visit some of the most magnificent Orthodox monasterie

  • Discover Bulgaria
    The capital of Bulgaria is situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, about 550 m above sea level. Its name comes from the Greek word for "wisdom".

    An unforgettable combination of historical and cultural sites, museums and contemporary art galleries.

  • Discover Bulgaria
    One of the oldest cities in Europe. It exists since the 12th century BC, but is populated since the early Neolithic age. People settled here on a site protected by three hills, and the many layers of its history begin far below the level of today’s city.

    The Ancient Theater should not be missed, as well as the Old City with its romance which makes you rethink your ideas about urban environment. And the wine, the food and the warm welcome will make you truly happy.

  • Discover Bulgaria

    Sveta Nedelya Church
    This church was built at the end of the 19th century; during the Middle Ages several smaller churches existed at this place. It is believed that this church lies directly above the crossroads of ancient Serdica.


  • Discover Bulgaria

    1.    Тerminal 1, best place for concerts and live music
    2.    Bar Petak (Friday), young people, DJ parties and very good music
    3.    Culture Beat, boutique club, cocktails and house music
    4.    Hambara, a secret place for those who love urban legends
    5.    Apartamenta (the apartment), like your home, but with the best Himalayan tea
    6.    Kicks, a typical Bulgarian bar for friends, good music and nice beer
    7.     Social café, day and night club, live jazz, funk and cuban latin music on weekends
    8.    By the Way, casual place for small groups
    9.     Gaba Bar, unpretentious cosy atmosphere but perfect music and delicious drinks

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