The capital of Bulgaria is situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, about 550 m above sea level. Its name comes from the Greek word for "wisdom".

An unforgettable combination of historical and cultural sites, museums and contemporary art galleries.

But you will most certainly feel the spirit of the city outside the museums - in the urban parks with street musicians, in the vibrant social-life, the richness of the diverse cultures in the city, its contemporary appearance, combined with the scars of the past, the painted buildings, and last but not least – in the small restaurants where delicious food is served.

Sofia's nightlife proves that there can be a golden mean – it offers a huge variety of good taste.

The people are warm and hospitable; drinks do not make a compromise with anything offered in the rest of Europe, but music, born in the hearts of the local people, is greatly valued.

From street musicians to small cozy bars, big clubs and open festivals - everywhere the experience for the ear and the soul will leave an unforgettable mark.