One of the oldest cities in Europe. It exists since the 12th century BC, but is populated since the early Neolithic age. People settled here on a site protected by three hills, and the many layers of its history begin far below the level of today’s city.

The Ancient Theater should not be missed, as well as the Old City with its romance which makes you rethink your ideas about urban environment. And the wine, the food and the warm welcome will make you truly happy.

The night of museums and galleries, various Festivals of art, culture and amateur art are only part of the eventful life in the second-largest city in Bulgaria.

It is no accident that Plovdiv is the European Capital of Culture for the year 2019.

If nature attracts you more strongly you can visit Starosel - the wine there is of divine taste; you can go and see the Pliocene park in Dorkovo or just go to the little known village Gelemenovo where old women sell watermelons and fresh tomatoes from their gardens.