Bar-hopping / additional fee

We invite you to explore Sofia’s thrilling nightlife with us. Our guides will show you around the city’s hotspots. Hit the bars while our guides tell you more about the stories that have shaped the city. If you are looking for loud and smoky rooms, this is not the tour for you. We assure a chatty evening with guides and participants, where we will discover one-of-a-kind bars in which spirits, cocktails and craft beer is a matter of passion and creativity. Dance the night away with fine tunes and interesting people. There is no better way to inaugurate the weekend.

Bar-hopping Map

  1. Тerminal 1, best place for concerts and live music
  2. Bar Petak (Friday), young people, DJ parties and very good music
  3. Culture Beat, boutique club, cocktails and house music
  4. Hambara, a secret place for those who love urban legends
  5. Apartamenta (the apartment), like your home, but with the best Himalayan tea
  6. Kicks, a typical Bulgarian bar for friends, good music and nice beer
  7. Social café, day and night club, live jazz, funk and cuban latin music on weekends
  8. By the Way, casual place for small groups
  9. Gaba Bar, unpretentious cosy atmosphere but perfect music and delicious drinks