08/05/2009Debt collection among FENCA Members 2006-2007Download (.pps)
05/02/2009Bailiffs in EuropeDownload (.pdf)
01/10/2007Debt Collection in the European UnionDownload (.pdf)
09/12/2004Debt collection in Italy, August 2004Download (.pps)
21/09/1999Collection of government and local taxes; FENCA Survey no 7, June 1999Download (.pdf)
21/09/1999Debts referred to member associations; FENCA Survey no 6, August 1999Download (.pdf)
21/09/1999Common items in codes of conduct of Member Associatios; FENCA Survey no 5, June 1999Download (.pdf)
21/09/1999Training within National Associations; FENCA Survey no 4Download (.pdf)